Rose Quartz Moss Rico Pet Plant

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The Moss Rico is an adorable pet plant that can bring a touch of nature to any room. It will eventually grow into a Moss Chico sized ball (18-24 months.) Jar is 2 inches high and 2 inches wide. Moss ball is 1/3 inch in diameter.

Moss Ricos are not only visually appealing but also a breeze to take care of, requiring minimal maintenance, making it a perfect option for those who want to add some green to their life without committing to a high maintenance plant. Get your own Moss Rico and enjoy a low-effort, affordable way to bring some nature into your home.

All Moss Ricos are composed of living biomass bound to a buoyancy kernel for maximum growth and proliferation. Natural variation in stones occur from pictured.

Want your amigo shipped? No problem! We will remove the water from the jar and package up your lil' moss friend in a small, sealed bag with just enough water. All you'll have to do is add spring water to the jar and plop your moss ball inside.