Alocasia Melo

Considered a jewel or dwarf, the tough-leaved Alocasia Melo packs a big punch with its small size. It's the perfect choice for indoors as this elephant ear only gets around 2 feet tall. It has a thick, rough leaf texture that makes it look and feel fake, but it's not!

Alocasia Melo Care Tips
Light: Bright Indirect
Humidity: Medium to High. House temp of 70 minimum and 60%+ humidity. Placing near a humidifier would benefit this plant. You can also lightly mist daily if the air in your home is dry to avoid the leaves getting crispy.
Water: Allow the top 3/4 of the soil to dry before watering. This plant does not tolerate wet feet so be sure to water thoroughly and allow water to drain from bottom of pot.
Soil: Well draining nutrient-rich soil. We recommend Sol Soils Houseplant Chunky Mix and use Foliage Pro 9-3-6 for every watering. Repot when root-bound.