November 16: Planty AF Sip & Shop 4-7PM

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Sip & Shop and Pop-Up with Shell and Stone.

Do you have a plant that is driving you mad?! Is it droopy and sad, or you just don't know how to care for it properly? Maybe it needs a moss pole but you aren't confident on how to do that. Bring your plant to the Planty AF Sip & Shop and let Jen take a look! Or don't bring any plants at all and hang with us, have a drink and shop our plant and crystal sales.

If your plant is unhealthy there's a chance it has pests. So, to keep the shop pest-free we will have a table outside of the shop for you to place your plant. Please do not bring your plant inside until we take a look.

While we wish we knew about every plant that exists we just don't. If you have a unique or very expensive plant, send us an email at and let us know what you plan on bringing and what issue you are having with it first so we can tell you if it's something we are able to help with.