Large Philodendron Ring of Fire

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Care Level: Easy
Light: Bright indirect light. Can tolerate morning sun. It will start to lose its fiery colors if it lives in a spot with low light.
Water: Allow soil to dry between waterings. This is a big pot so make sure you are checking the bottom of the soil too to make sure it's not damp.
Humidity: The Ring of Fire appreciates humid environments. Place near a humidifier, or if you don't have one you can place it on top of a pebble tray with a little bit of water to create more humidity. You can also mist the leaves daily (do not saturate.)
Tip: Saturate soil slowly and completely. Let water drain from the bottom. Be sure to dump excess water from saucer.
Other: This plant is a natural climber, so attach it to a moss pole if it starts getting out of hand. You need to repot this guy every 1-2 years. It's in the perfect pot size right now so don't take it out!