Eco Tote Bag | Soul Flower Manifesto

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Be yourself | Spread positive vibes | Get lost in the music | Take dance breaks | Run around barefoot | Wear what you love | Make your heart sing | Practice kindness | Believe in each other | Find your tribe | Fly your freak flag | Let your soulflower. Carry with you to the park, beach, or your favorite shop.


100% Organic Cotton
Made in India in a Fair Trade Certified factory
Spot clean by wiping gently with a damp cloth and line dry.

Why we love Soul Flower:

Soul Flower is a natural clothing brand for kind souls and free spirits. Mindfully made with natural fibers and heartfelt art, their threads are designed with kind vibes from start to finish. Soul Flower is totally rockin' our vibe and we are so excited to share their brand with you here in our shop.