Calm Strips Textured Stickers | The System

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The extra bumpy river rocks texture on these "The System" Calm Strips will help you take a little bit of calm everywhere you go.

What is a Calm Strip? Calm Strips are similar to stickers, but have a special reusable adhesive and with a unique surface texture. Rub, scratch, or pick at your Calm Strips to help reduce fidgeting, increase focus, and regulate restless energy.

From age 6 to 80 and beyond, Calm Strips are enjoyed by students, teachers, fidgeters, anxiety warriors, and members of the BFRB, ADD, ADHD, and Autistic communities.

Stick them on the back of your phone, a desk, a bedframe, or even your favorite water jug. While they stick marvelously to smooth, flat surfaces, they will not stick to paper or skin.


Five strips per pack
Gentle on skin for repeated use
Reusable over and over again
Latex and residue free
5 Calm Strips per package