Calm Strips Textured Stickers | Nebula

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Get lost in the stars with this design. Nebula is super cool to look at, perfect for our lovers of the galaxy! With this design, we hope to give you a stellar, calm experience. Each pack comes with plenty of backups and extras to use and take along with you.

Calm Strips are a cool and convenient sensory sticker that you can stick on your phone, laptop, desk, notebook... almost anywhere. Touch, scratch or pick at the textured surface to regulate restless energy, increase focus or just feel the need to fidget.

Calm Strips are perfect for:
BFRB (body-focused repetitive behavior)
Adults and Children ages 6 and up

Five strips per pack
Soft, subtle texture with slight grain
Gentle on skin for repetitive use
Reusable over and over again
Latex and residue free