Mini White Sage

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White Sage is regarded as especially sacred in the Native American tradition since it serves a variety of purposes. It removes negativity, cleanses, and purifies.

The white sage carried in our shop is harvested by Native Americans of the Kumeyaay Tribe. Sage is used for ceremonial purposes by the tribe, and is also sold commercially providing income for the families.

Prior to incorporating sage into your practice, please read more about the oppression of the Tribal Nations, and have respect for ceremonies that do not belong to non-Natives. It is OK to smoke cleanse, just do it with care and respect for those who were punished for doing the same thing only 50 years ago.

The Kumeyaay Tribe harvests their sage plants with the utmost respect for the environment. Sustainable harvesting techniques include only cutting short portions of the stem to allow regeneration and gathering seeds.

Approx. 3.5"